Tricia Martinez of Wala discusses cryptocurrency and blockchain as a way to reimagine financial systems.

Wala aims to be a financial platform for the next 3.5bn people in emerging markets, powered by the Dala Utility Token

August 29, 2018

This week on the podcast, we talk with Tricia Martinez. She’s the founder of Wala, a financial services app, and Dala, a cryptocurrency that goes with it. Based in Cape Town and operating in South Africa, Zimbabwe, and Uganda, Wala enables people to send digital money – Dala – to family across borders, as well as borrow, make transactions, and save. Many of these consumers haven’t had a formal bank account before, or they conduct their lives primarily in cash – both of which pose challenges to financial freedom.

Tricia and producer Meara Sharma discuss why banks have failed consumers in emerging markets, how cryptocurrency and blockchain are helping to reimagine financial systems, and more.

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