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85% Extra: The Filipino Middle Class in the Gulf

An aerial view of Dubai’s highways. Dmitry Birin/Shutterstock

The rise of the global middle class is a central component of the emerging market narrative. In Asia, the middle class consumer is one of the most powerful economic drivers of the future. By 2030, according to some estimates, Asia will host nearly two-thirds of the global middle class, and this group will account for 40% of global consumption.

But what about the middle class in the Arabian Gulf countries? In places like the United Arab Emirates and Saudi Arabia, expatriate communities have been integral in building the Gulf. Filipino expats in particular form the backbone of the middle class there. In this piece produced by Kerning Cultures, originally broadcast in 2017, we look at the rise of the Filipino middle class in Dubai and consider what it means to be a second-generation Filipino in the Middle East.